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Third Space Cafe Fundraiser

Hosted by Essentrics with Judy Hernder Fitness

Jul 27 | 9:00am

Firemans Park, NF

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Judy Hernder Essentrics


"Where there is pain, there is no gain"

Meet Your Instructor

Judy Hernder


My name is Judy Hernder and I have been instructing group fitness for over 35 years.


A little about me!

I have worked and volunteered throughout the years in many fitness facilities within the Niagara region. I was a personal trainer for 10 years and formally employed at the YMCA in Niagara Falls which was a place I called home for 30 years. I worked with staff, members and also volunteered teaching group fitness classes. Fast forward to today, my true passion is delivering the Essentrics program! My level of certification to instruct and teach Essentrics is Level 4.


Movement has always been a priority of mine; it is the key to good health! Having activity in the day has helped my energy and the focus I need to address life's challenges. Essentrics is a wonderful, safe program that helps achieve a healthy, mobile, confident, pain-free life.


Being strong in everything we do, every day, is my focus and can be obtained through forming a connection to moving gently in our body. 


The Essentrics program truly embraces the essence of good health and wellness.


About Essentrics


Hello, you have found it finally! The exercise program that can give you strength and flexibility without causing pain.

The beautiful thing about Essentrics is that it embodies the power of movement for everyone of all ages, pain free. 


Essentrics will help you move better in every day activities and will give you power and balance in your favourite sport. This program can be tailored to your needs.


If you are looking for a fitness program you can get excited about, join a class today and discover Essentrics with me.


Click the link below to book a free Essentrics discovery call to learn more and arrange your first drop in class!




Get In Touch


Ready to move freely with strength everyday? E-mail me with your general inquiries! I look forward to connecting.

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Contact Me

3121 St Paul Ave, Niagara Falls, ON

L2J 2L8, Canada

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